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Unique Dance Floor

A sprung floor is also sometimes referred to as a floating floor. That term, though, more often refers to a floor that insulates against noise or a raised floor with ducts and wires underneath, as in computer facilities.

The top layer of a sprung floor is a performance surface. In dance this may be replaceable to suit different styles; such surfaces are often also called marley floors or dance floors. Here the term floor surface or just surface is used.

A sprung floor excluding the surface is often referred to as the sub-floor, though this may also refer to the concrete or other floor under a sprung floor.

The term speed refers to the traction (kinetic friction) of performance surfaces: fast describes a slippery surface, and slow describes a higher-traction surface, like a gym floor.

Come Join the Fun

Starlite Dance Center is home to many dance classes and also hosts parties. Both group and private instruction are available in a variety of styles including salsa, country and swing, just to name a few. Weekly parties are a fun chance to work on your moves with different partners, and there is plenty of help for beginners, so don't be afraid to step out.

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